The Bushwick Hotel “Graffiti Of The Young Man’s Mind”

The Bushwick Hotel “Graffiti Of The Young Man’s Mind”


We’re always envious of bands that come from Brooklyn, it just seems to be a real melting pot of influences that results in the production of some great music. Indeed, The Bushwick Hotel were originally a solo effort for Gregory Ferreira, somebody who seems to have been constantly inspired by his NYC home.

There’s certainly a mixture of styles and influences on “Take Care Of My Girl”. It’s part Americana/folk, delivered in a rock style, but also with an almost swing feel to it. We then move on to a track called “Shot Out Of A Cannon”, which has a beautiful Bowie esque quality about it. It has a ballad like mood but also with a funky vibe, it’s quite a special song.

They then hit us with the more upbeat, pure pop, sound of “Things Keep Gettin’ In The Way”. A song with a joyous sixties innocence about it. That era is also apparent on the Lennon esque ballad of “Lighthouse”, before we are in chill out bliss on “Bittersweet”. There is then just time for another twist in the shape of the title track “Graffiti Of The Young Man’s Mind”. That song is an indie blues mess that Jack White would be proud of.

Fair play to The Bushwick Hotel, it’s quite impressive to deliver such an eclectic mix in just six songs. There’s a real inventiveness to all the tracks. This suggests a flair for the true alternative, the domain of real artists like Jack White or Beck. It provides a very welcome relief from the majority of dull and uninspired music that is being released in to the mainstream at the moment.

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