Whisky Kiss “Retro.Revamped.”

Whisky Kiss “Retro.Revamped.”


We reviewed Whisky Kiss’ debut album, “Dangerous One” and loved their rockabilly sound so we were really pleased to hear they had another album coming out. Whilst following their previous sound, this album promised to have a bit more edge and perhaps a rockier/roots approach.

Things sure get off to a rocking start with “All You Need”, which has all the elements you would expect in a rock n roll song… neat guitar lines, deep double bass, horns and a sultry vocal performance. There are plenty of other songs on this release that combine all these great features, including “Can’t Catch Me” and “Something On A Record”.

If there are any Burlesque dancers out there looking for a new dance tune, then the slinky “Cats Scratch” is the perfect track, as it purrs and prowls in equal measure. Together with “I Got A New Man” and “Vixen”, these songs are sassy and made for teasing and seducing. That seductive style is continued with the smooth ballad style of “Cold Cold Man”.

We return to a more rocking sound, although with a hint of swing, on “Don’t Ask For My Heart (Hey Yeah)”, before we get bluesy and dirtier on “Don’t Write No Songs”. Whilst clearly having a retro/rockabilly style, the key things about Whisky Kiss and songs like “I Wanna Know” and “Keep It To Myself” is that they still have a fresh feel about them.

Indeed, “Retro.Revamped” is a great title for the album. It is very much in the rockabilly style, but still has a modern approach that prevents it from feeling dated. It’s great to see a band carrying on the tradition of good old rock n roll. Indeed, with Imelda May appearing to be displaying a new style, both in look and sound, there might well be a big gap in the market for Whisky Kiss to fill. Certainly, for fans of modern rockabilly, this is a release that you need to get.

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