The Ghost Of Lovers “S/T”

The Ghost Of Lovers “S/T”


We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and indeed love, of 80/90’s Hair Metal/Glam/Sleaze rock (you won’t find many sites brave enough to admit that these days!). That includes some of the more obscure acts like Rich Rags, Soho Roses and City Kidds, bands that never quite really made it. We were therefore surprised to hear that we had totally missed out on The Ghost Of Lovers. Thankfully, this release of previous material has given us the chance to put that right.

Something we are immediately delighted about, when we hear opening track “Tonight”, a prime slice of Hanoi Rocks inspired, sleazy rock n roll. On “Don’t Be Afraid” you have an intro which owes a lot to Faster Pussycat, before turning into a first class glam rocker which has you wondering why it wasn’t a huge hit back in the early glam metal days.

Of course, away from the poppy US hair metal scene, sleazy music has always had a darker side to it. Songs like “Iona”, “(Requiem For) Candy” and ” Souls Of Fire” show the influence of a band like The Lords Of The New Church and have a vaguely Goth tinge to them.They remind us of another ‘should’ve been huge’ band called the Kill City Dragons.

On “Oh So Lonely” they really sound like a UK version of The New York Dolls as they add a gutter feel to a Stones esque song. Along with “Another Time” and ” Drowning In The Sea Of Madness”, they have you picturing low slung guitars and cigarettes hanging on lips. At the time, they would have been lumped in with glam metal, but there is more depth to these songs than existed in the LA scene. A point picked up by the more fragile sound of the acoustic “Sweet Sensitive Young Thing”, which is very Bowie esque. The recorded tracks then end with the perfect sleaze rock of “That Girl”.

This release then concludes with the bonus of four live tracks. It’s something that just makes us even more frustrated we didn’t know about the band when they were actually together, as you can just tell they’d have been great fun live. They’d probably have been a bit messy, but that’s what rock n roll should be!

If any of the bands mentioned in this review have got you remembering great times gone by, then you will need to get this album. Sadly, fate now means that The Ghost Of Lovers will remain a cult band, only known and loved by a few. This release is an important reminder that you shouldn’t get caught up with bands that are getting a load of hype, and instead remember that there could be a brilliant new band playing in your own town this very night. They’re the ones that need your support.

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