Love Zombies “Passion Fruit”

Love Zombies “Passion Fruit”


Love Zombies have been on our radar for some time now, which is no surprise given their love for creating catchy pop punk sounds. They come across as a band who are really willing to work hard to make sure they deliver the music their fans want. A fact that is proven by the release of this latest material through pledge music.

 Opening this release is a song full of sugar buzz, pop punk, in the form of “Oblivion”. It’s a catchy pop rock number destined to stick in your brain. “Favourite” starts off with dirtier sounding guitars before moving on to a song that may well soon become one of your favourites. They then go and deliver a song called “Robots And Aliens”, which has a sci-fi feel to it, and could easily be the soundtrack to the coolest robot themed cartoon series ever made!

 The pace gets turned down a bit for the more emotive, “Lighten Up”. It’s possibly the highlight of the album as it has a perfect pop feel. It’s a brilliant pop/rock song with vocals reminiscent of Wendy James at her most seductive. The album is then over all too soon with the power pop, with a slight punk kick, of “Backward World”.

 We’ve had quite a run of receiving great punk pop albums and this is definitely one to add to that list. It’s all glitter/glam pop songs without falling into the trap of being throwaway or cheesy. The whole album is over in a blink of an eye, but leaves you yearning for more of their sweet sound.

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