Big Eyes “Stake My Claim”

Big Eyes “Stake My Claim”


 Big Eyes are a band led by Kait Eldridge and when we heard that they were trying to “find the perfect balance between punk, hard rock and pop” we knew we had to check this album out.

 It’s the title track, “Stake My Claim” which opens up the album. It starts off with a sound that initially makes you think that this is going to be a ‘typical’ alt/pop album. But, they then keep your attention with the perfect pop of the brilliant “Behind Your Eyes”.

 On songs like “Just Not Right” and “Giving It Up For Good”, you find a band who are perfectly able to blend a power pop sound with a more grungy and alternative vibe. “Leave This Town” sees them coming pretty close to matching the kings of kooky, indie, power pop, Redd Kross (which is high praise indeed!). 

We love a power pop band, but sometimes the songs can come across as a bit twee and irrelevant. That’s certainly not the case here. “When You Were 25” and “Curse Of The Tides” may be pure pop and as catchy as hell, but they retain a punky vibe. Even when singing about the American teenage dream in a song titled “Cheer Leader” there’s a slightly bitter twist to it. 

Whilst we might say that Big Eyes are definitely a US band, there is also a hint of Brit pop about them. There’s a more indie sound on songs like “All I Know” which recalls someone like Elastica or Sleeper, on the whole though, this is power pop with a crunch a la Cheap Trick.

 The only downside we can find to this album, is that we didn’t hear it in time for summer! It’s packed full of pop rockers that would perfectly soundtrack a sunny day. The songs bring with them a great burst of energy and pop fuzz. It’s power pop with a kick!

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