Bullet Proof Lovers “S/T”

Bullet Proof Lovers “S/T”


Let’s be honest, the name Bullet Proof Lovers was enough for us to know we’d want to review this album. The fact it is being released by Rumbar Records (surely one of the best labels around at the moment) means it was damn likely we’d like it. References to big hooks, loud guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and pop sensibilities’ makes it sound like perfect www.thesoulofaclown.com territory!   

The album kicks off in fine style with the gloriously glammy “It’ll Be Alright”. Sure, it’s as tacky as pink bubblegum, but it’s a great, good time, rock n roll song. Things then get slightly heavier on the more in your face punk of “Leave Me Alone”.

This really is a sleazy album, as shown by the rocking “She’s Gonna Leave” and “Nothing I Can’t Do”. Anyone who misses the heady glam metal days of the sunset strip will love this album.  However, the Bullet Proof Lovers are really at their peak when they throw in a bit of power pop. A classic example being the brilliant “Breaking Down”. It’s the great mix of power pop and glam metal that Enuff Z’Nuff perfected. A point which is rammed home by the final track, “Master Of Destiny”. It’s a song which is built around a massive melody and a big, shouty, chorus. It’s a simple and, let’s be honest, tacky song. It emphasises the classic glam trick of a mid-section of just drums and chanted vocals. It isn’t big, and it sure ain’t clever……but, god damn it, we love it!!!

This is a real reminder of a time when rock n roll was just gloriously fun. A time when bands looked and sounded larger than life. It’s a bunch of songs that are just short, sharp bursts of energy. They probably won’t change your life, but they will make it a lot more fun.

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