Role Models “Forest Lawn”

Role Models “Forest Lawn”


The last release from Role Models, “The Go To Guy”, was one of our favourite albums of last year. So we are delighted that they are back with a new release so soon. It’s great to see a band who can produce material within a short amount of time and not make an incredible load of fuss about it. If only a Mr Rose had the same approach, perhaps Guns N Roses would have maintained their success!! Of course, all of that is only relevant if this release keeps up the previous quality!

It is therefore a bit of a relief that as soon as “Radio” kicks in, we know we’re not going to be disappointed. It’s a classic glammy rock n roll number and we can only wish that songs like this were featured on the radio. What makes Role Models so great, is their ability to perfectly blend punk rock attitude with melody and tunes “(I break My Back) Disappointing You” and “Wanted To Be Wanted” are just a couple of examples of this.

That’s not to say that they’re not capable of rocking out with the best of them. “Got No Time” recalls the legendary Hanoi Rocks and along with “Goodbye and Hooray” has your memory wandering to dirty rock n roll gigs at places like the Marquee.

In contrast, they’re equally apt at turning their hand to perhaps a more commercial rock song, as shown by the brilliant “Bullshit Corner”. Equally, “The Ditch” and “Sleep Tight” suggest that they also have a real appreciation for a good power pop number. But, we’re talking more Cheap Trick with the power turned up, rather than any hint of twee pop. The melody level is also high on “The Lights On Your Road”, which is like prime time solo Michael Monroe. Indeed, it certainly comes as no surprise to know that both Steve Conte and Rich Jones, the guitarists in Michael’s band, feature on this release.

Importantly, the quality of the songs is maintained throughout the whole album. It leaves us wanting to name check them all, so “I Ain’t Lucky” is a fast paced rocker and “No Shame” is a classic glam punk (glunk) song. The whole thing then comes to an end too soon with the fine mid paced lament of “Guest List”.

Fair play to Role Models’ main man Rich Rags as he’s delivered another gem of an album. Like their last one, this is going to be very high in the best of lists of anyone in the know.  Sure, this kind of glammy, punk n roll may not be trendy and get the press attention that it deserves. But this release will be adored by those who appreciate great rock n roll songs built on a combination of passion, attitude and melody. All in all, this is just a ‘proper’ rock n roll album and you should just buy it now!!!

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