The Right Here “Stick To The Plan”

The Right Here “Stick To The Plan”

right here

Any release on the Rumbar records label always immediately has our attention, but when the description of The Right Here’s sound is rowdy rock n roll, then we know it’s bound to be right up our street. When references are made to awesome bands like Lucero, Red City Radio and The Replacements, then it gives us very high expectations for this release.

It’s a pretty raucous “That’s All We Got and More” which kicks things off and shows that The Right Here are a punk rock band. However, we’re talking punk with a bit of country thrown in! Songs like “A Letter From The Creator Of The Universe” and “Seattle Breathe” have plenty of attitude and snarl to them, but there’s also a bit of a country twang.

We stumbled across the term ‘cow punk’ a few years ago and loved it. It’s not a bad description for this release. Songs like “Darling Makes A Scene” are equal parts punk club and dirty barn. Anyone who loves bands like Two Cow Garage or Lucero, will surely fall for this band as well when they hear numbers like “I’ll Show Myself Out” or “If This Land Isn’t My Land”.

Unlike more mundane punk bands, they’re also able to step down a gear or two if they want to. Hence, tracks like “Fall Asleep, Hate Yourself, Or Leave” and (despite it’s title) “Drunk and Rolling Around”, have a country ballad feel to them. Whilst “One More and We’ll Move On With Our Lives” is definitely a whisky on the porch song.

Whilst we’d hate to be seen to encouraging drinking, this is definitely an album that would sit well on a summers evening with a few cold tinnies. It’s the kind of music that we Brits don’t get very much of, which is a shame. If we could just get bands like The Right Here to cross the pond and tour, ideally with Lucero, that would be a guaranteed damn fine night out.

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