Kraak & Smaak “Juicy Fruit”

Kraak & Smaak “Juicy Fruit”


If we’re being honest, the name of this band did put us off a bit, however, the temptation of the reference to dancefloor boogie got us interested. When we read that their sound incorporates disco, electro and indie dance then we knew we had to give it a listen. It’s our first introduction to Kraak & Smaak, but is apparently their fifth release.

Opener “Prescription” puts any of our initial concerns to bed, it’s a laid back, summery song. Along with tracks like “So Clear” and “Stumble” they really deserve to be listened to at a poolside bar with the hot evening sun pouring over you.

Things get a bit funkier on “Don’t Know Why” which surely has cross over potential. On songs like that and “Smile” they remind us of huge bands like Basement Jaxx and these tracks could easily be massive commercial hits. Whilst “U R Freak”, both in its title and relaxed funk style, see the band edging in to Prince territory.

They’re not constrained in their style though. “Hand Of Time” has an almost jazz feel to it. Likewise “Lake Eerie” is far more abstract and epic sounding. However, we’re soon back to the more enticing, sunshine dance, feel of “Toxic Love Affair”, which is enriched by a more soulful vocal style. It’s shortly followed by the brilliant “You Don’t Owe Me”, which has a hint of disco and is destined to be a dance floor filler.

We’re no experts on dance based music, so it takes something a bit special to catch our ears. This album certainly has that. Even on a ridiculously wet July morning, it gave us a sunshine feel that had us dreaming of warmer climates and holidays. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a warm summers evening, either by the pool or at a festival. Now, where’s our sun hat and the cocktail bar!?!

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