The Struts “Everybody Wants”

The Struts “Everybody Wants”


Regular readers will know that we love a bit of rock n roll, especially when played by a band with a bit of style and bravado. When we heard that The Struts had a thing for sleazy rock n roll, and had even been handpicked to support Motley Crue on their final tour, we knew we had to review their album.

The Struts are clearly no shrinking violets. Opener “Roll Up” is like a mixture of Queen, Muse and The Darkness! Once you get over the shock of that, you get the quite brilliant “Could Have Been Me”. A great song that has surely been written to be performed in a packed to capacity stadium.

Unlike many bands which may have their roots in a ‘classic rock’ feel, The Struts are not just one trick ponies. “Kiss This” shows a swagger and sense of joy that we’d normally get from Primal Scream at their rock n roll best. Then we get the pure power pop of “Put Your Money On Me” and a good old traditional glam power ballad in the shape of “Mary Go Round”.

Whatever flavour the songs take, the key ingredient seems to be a sense of fun. Take the infectious glitter rock of “Dirty Sexy Money”, the seventies glam of “The Ol’ Switcheroo” and the sci-fi pop of “Young Stars” as just some examples. On some reviews we just have to pick out one or two chosen tracks amongst a group of fillers, not here though. Many of the songs blend rock with pop perfectly and result in great numbers like “She Makes Me Feel Like”, which on the first listen becomes an instant favourite.

Right to the end with “These Times Are Changing” and “Where Did She Go”, they’re delivering huge pop rock songs. The type of tracks built for huge crowds to sing along to.

If ever a band had an appropriate name, it’s The Struts. These songs have a strut, a flamboyance and even a sense of cockiness about them. A side that so many bands are too scared to show. Indeed, we actually had to check they were English. This is a bold and brash, fun packed album and we loved it!!

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