Tom Baker & The Snakes “4 Stars EP”

Tom Baker & The Snakes “4 Stars EP”

tom baker

Sometimes you just need to see a band’s name and you get a feeling that you’re gonna like them. The fact that this release is on Rumbar Records makes that even more likely. All that is before you even get to the recommendation from the press release that you “pop open a cold one, play loud, and enjoy!!!”

That feeling is more than confirmed when “Doll Eyes” blasts out, you immediately think this is great, raw, rock n roll. It has a perfect combination of rock guitar and Southern soul. Things get a bit punkier on “Waitin’ For Nothing” which has a real good times, party feel to it. A mood that is kept going by the very Stones esque “High & Tight”. It has a dirty riff and a sing a long chorus, a bar room rock n roller of the highest order.

We can only presume that the band are being modest with the title to this EP. This is definitely a full 5 star release. The only question it leaves is….when and how can we get more of the same!?!?

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