Bleached “Welcome The Worms”

Bleached “Welcome The Worms”


We love a bit of California punk, so when we heard that “Welcome The Worms” is not only that, but also a smarter, heavier, emotionally deeper Bleached, then our interest level was very high. The fact that it has been driven by a need for the band members to get over their own personal dramas means we are certainly expecting an album that packs a punch

Tracks like “Keep On Keepin’ On” and “Sleepwalking” are a great eclectic mix of indie rock with a hint of dance and a good dose of punk sneer. They really remind us of the great, but sadly under rated, The Sounds. They add even more gutter punk tones on the brilliant “Trying To Lose Myself”.

Things then get even better with the awesome “Wednesday Night Melody”. It’s all glam rock riffs and cool harmonies, which gives the uplifting sound that the lyrics describe. The addictive catchiness of that song is then repeated on the punk pop of “Wasted On You” and “Chemical Pop” which is one of the best indie pop songs we’ve heard since Ash or Weezer.

Things get a bit grungier on “Desolate Town” and there is a more down beat electric sound to the groove of “I’m All Over The Place (Mystic Mamma)”. The band manage to keep a cool ‘edge’ without getting pretentious. A point rammed home by the awesome “Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong”. It perfectly combines almost big rock hooks, melody, cool harmonies and a sing along chorus.. Great stuff!

That’s the brilliant thing about this release, it merges an indie/alternative feel with pop sensibilities. It allows Bleached to still have that ‘indie cool’ feel but without having to revert to being ‘ironic’ in their use of catchy choruses and melody. It’s an album that will put a smile on your face and see you returning to this album, again and again.


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