Colt 45 “Snakes and Ladders”

Colt 45 “Snakes & Ladders”


We haven’t hidden our love for this band and last year their album was one of our favourites. It’s just great to have a UK punk n roll band who have an ear for melody, as well as a sense of passion. The question now is if they have kept this up on this new EP.

First song, “I Can Forgive But I Won’t Forget” makes it very clear that they have lost none of their passion. Indeed, it’s one of the fiercest songs they’ve released. We’re pleased to report that the anthemic rock songs remain as well. This includes the punk n roll of “All Hell Broke Loose” and the instantly accessible “Square One”.

Things take a slightly more laid back feel on “Lost For Words” which has the sound of a Frank Turner esque song. But, it’s a live Frank song with a full band rather than singer/songwriter. This is then taken even further by “What You See Is What You Get” which is the most “commercial” song on the EP. By that, we mean it’s got a killer hook and if there is any justice it would be picked up by a radio or TV station. Then they could take the first steps in becoming the UK’s own Gaslight Anthem in terms of success and recognition.

Like all good Eps, it all comes to an end far too quickly with the straight forward punk rock of “Two Steps Back”. In many ways, that’s what this band is all about. They keep it simple by chucking out great punk rock songs played with melody. It may be simple, but it is hard to deliver, especially whilst retaining a sense of passion and energy. With so many bands being over hyped, Colt 45 represent a ‘proper’ band. Releasing this EP itself shows a genuine desire to get their music out there as quickly as possible. We hope it also provides the excuse for even more gigging so we can catch them live. They’re a band where we imagine their songs will sound just as good live, although maybe a tad faster and a bit louder!

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