The Main Grains “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

The Main Grains “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

We all have bands that we adore but somehow have managed to escape the attention of the vast majority of people. One of these bands for us is definitely the Yo-Yos, a brilliant band led by Danny McCormack. They were a band who perfected a sound that mixed old school rock n roll with punk. We were therefore genuinely thrilled to hear about Danny’s new band, The Main Grains, and this release.
This mini album begins with “Unscrewed”, a song which is not surprisingly very Yo-Yos esque. It has that same rock n roll rhythm but with punk guitars. Songs like that and “I’d Rather Be In California” make you feel like you have met up with a great long lost friend, who has already bought you a pint!!

It’s also no surprise that their sound also bears a resemblance to early Wildhearts, another more famous band Danny was in. “Happy Round Here” has a grittier sound but still has a big hook that kills. There is also a harder edge to “Spend Your Money” which has a blusier sound but with a touch of seventies glam. The great thing about this release is that essentially every track is a rock n roll song but they always throw something different in to each song to give it an edge. On “Fine By You”, it’s a vocal effect which actually gives it a really contemporary feel. Then with final track “She’s A Catch” they show that you can’t really go wrong with just a damn fine punk n roll song.
If we’re honest, it was inevitable that we would love this album given that we not only love the Yo-Yo’s but also lots of the related bands, such as The Loyalties. There is also a lot of genuine love for Danny McCormack from fans of this ‘scene’. He’s a man who has lived, and suffered, the rock n roll life but most importantly has produced some truly great material. Once again, with the Main Grains we have a whole bunch of fun rock n roll songs. Hopefully, this is just the start and we will see even more songs released soon. Even better, we hope we get the chance to enjoy a pint and see them tearing up a stage in the not too distant future.

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