Cold Cold Hearts “Heartware”

Cold Cold Hearts “Heartware”

Too many punk bands come across as far too one dimensional in both their sound and their actual influences. We were therefore intrigued by the fact that Cold Cold Hearts are proud to say their influences extend from hardcore to punk, from folk to pop.
Things get off to an intense start with the quite stark and harsh sound of opener “Heartwave”. However, with “Fido” there is a hint that the band are prepared to balance between a more hardcore punk sound and a more melodic style.
Regular readers will know that our preference lies firmly on the side of melody. Thankfully, that’s a stronger factor in “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. It’s not a cover but is a great punk n roll song. It builds up to the somewhat surprising “Effatta” which is almost like a mix of a rock ballad and a sea shanty. We know that sounds bad, but it works! The album then hits a high with the brilliant “Bitburg Smile” which has a Frank Turner singalong feel to it. That quality is then maintained by the more commercial punk rock sound of “All Those Nights”.

Cold Cold Hearts are clearly a band who like to mix it up. That’s demonstrated by the likes of “Dancefloor Doctrine” and “My Burning Heart” which have a modern punk sound which could see them being pitched against bands like Bring Me The Horizon. Although they then revert to playing a great rock song like “So Long” which could rival The Gaslight Anthem.
It will be interesting to see how Cold Cold Hearts are ‘pitched’ from a marketing perspective. They clearly have the capacity to be pushed at a young market. Many of the tracks on this release could be huge hits on music TV channels such as Kerrang or Scuzz. On the other hand, there is a more ‘hardcore’ punk stance to the band’s sound. Hopefully the band will manage to combine the best of both worlds by gaining success but resisting the desire to become too ‘shiny’ and ‘polished’ like many young punk rock bands.

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