Love Zombies “Be Honest” EP

Love Zombies –“Be Honest” EP


Sometimes you just hear a band name and kind of know you’re going to love them, well at least that is what we thought when we heard of “Love Zombies”. When we learnt that they are led by Hollis J who works with Ginger in the brilliant Hey! Hello!, then satisfaction was pretty much guaranteed.

Like that band, they specialise in providing brilliant pop influenced punk rock. All Three songs on this EP are just brilliant. Opener “Be Honest” offers a chugging guitar line alongside a power pop sound. They then throw even more glitter and glam at “International Bug”. Driven by the drum kicks and a sound which is as sticky as chewing gum but stays the right side of being too saccharine. Sadly there are only three tracks on this release and we end with the slightly darker but still instantly addictive sci-fi of “Teleportation”.

Hopefully this is only a precursor to the release of a full album from Love Zombies. You can’t beat some upbeat, catchy tunes played with punk enthusiasm and they deliver that on all of these songs. As a good EP should, it leaves you desperate to hear more. It will also have us eagerly looking out for live dates because you kind of get the feel that they will be a real blast live. Definitely a band to look out for!

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