Micah Schnabel “Not The Boy You Used To Know”

Micah Schnabel “Not The Boy You Used To Know”


As well as already releasing some brilliant solo material, Micah Schnabel is also a member of the excellent Two Cow Garage. A band with not only one of the best band names ever, but also one that introduced us to a new term for their sound – cow punk. We were, therefore, really pleased to hear that Micah was due to release some new music.

It’s very easy to feel that there are more than enough singer/songwriters in the world. However, as soon as you hear opener “Scared of Heights”, you know that Micah is special. His songs have an authenticity that is endearing and have a Springsteen esque story telling charm about them. “More Drugs” is the track closest to the sound of Two Cow Garage, as it has a rockier feel to it, but also lyrics that will make you smile.

All the songs on this mini album have an instant appeal, demonstrated perfectly by the ‘doo doos’ on the title track “Not The Boy You Used To Know”. It’s just a really great song which has you hooked from the start. The songs also offer great everyday life type storytelling, as shown on “Middle Child Complex”.

Sadly, the EP comes to an end all too quickly with “Bang! Bang! Bang!”. On a positive note, it’s a cracking final song. It’s a track which sounds like an Elvis Costello song, being performed by Springsteen…which is one hell of a combination.

Micah Schnabel seems to be one of those people who was born to play music. Somehow, you just get the feeling that he is always playing from his heart. Anyone who loves authentic music, played with spirit and passion, should definitely check him out, starting with this release and then all his others!

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