Vincent And The Onepotts “Best Of Enemies”

Vincent And The Onepotts “Best Of Enemies”


Whilst not always guaranteed, the support spots that a band have secured is often a good indicator of what to expect from a band. The fact that Vincent and The Onepotts have supported some great bands like Ginger Wildhearts, Sorry and the Sinatras and Loyalties, certaiinly built up our expectations for this release. When you add to that the fact that their name is referenced from 1940/50’s motorbikes it was clear this was an album to be reviewed by

If you’re looking for an album full of subtlety and nuances, this is probably not one for you. However, if you’re after some greasy, scuzzy, rock music then this is one to pick up. Opener “Hurricane” does indeed hit you like a hurricane, it’s fast paced and destructive. Songs like “Hell Yeah” and “Raise A Glass” are in your face punk rock n roll tracks, delivered with passion and aggression.

That’s not to say that the songs are without melody. Indeed, tracks like “Brothers On The Bowery” and “Another Girl” show that Vincent and the Onepotts have an ear for a melody behind the punk blasts. Songs like “Change Your Mind” even have us thinking of the brilliant The Yo Yos (a band who perfectly blended fifties rock n roll with punk).

A song like “Home James” is a great example that even fast paced, scuzzy punk songs still have their roots in good old rock n roll. Whilst “Rebel Revolution” has a ‘bop’ and sing along element that is the equivalent of those seen in a pop song.

This album follows in the footsteps of The Yo Yos and The Loyalties, bands who have delivered brilliant punk rock n roll albums. Sadly, those bands never really got the success they deserved. Hopefully, Vincent and The Onepotts might share some of the success of just about the only band who has had some commercial recognition with this style of music, The Wildhearts. Regardless of what success this band enjoy, if you are a fan of any of the mentioned bands then you should definitely get this album.

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