The Yawpers “American Man”

The Yawpers “American Man”


Once again it appears that Bloodshot Records have come up trumps with this release from Denver based The Yawpers. Their press release reference words like ‘raw’, ‘kinetic punk’ ‘Elvis and Springsteen, ‘lounge Lizard charmer’ etc etc. All words and phrases which certainly wet our appetite for this release.

Opening up with a song called “Doing It Right” is pretty apt as The Yawpers certainly get their sound right on this album. Over the last few years, numerous bands have followed the likes of The White Stripes and The Black Keys in delivering raw, blues inspired rockers, but few have hit the standard being set by The Yawpers here. Songs like “Deacon Brody”, “Faith & Good Judgment” and “Walter” are raw, gritty rockers. They’re built for playing in rough bars to a beer fuelled crowd.

The title track, “ American Man”, starts off at a slower pace with a more Americana feel and leaves you with an over whelming urge to salute the stars and stripes (even if you’re British like us!). Tracks like “Burdens” and “9 to 5” (sadly not a Dolly cover!) show an ability to be more expansive and interesting than many of their contemporaries. You also get the impression, on songs like final track “The Desert”, that the band have an ear for a bigger rock sound as well.

The best way of describing this album, is that if you are someone mourning the end of TV shows like True Blood and Sons Of Anarchy, then this is the album for you. Any of the songs on this release could have featured on the soundtracks to those awesome shows. Like the recent release from The Banditos, there’s an edginess and dirty southern rock feel to the band. This results in songs which would be perfect in a roughneck bar where a sense of danger is never too far away. If that’s a bit scary for you, then at least you can fantasise about being a biker riding the open freeway or enjoying a cold beer in Merlottes as you listen to these great songs.

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