Motochrist “Chrome”

Motochrist “Chrome”
It may be a bit bold to use the term ‘super group’ when referring to Motochrist as many people, sadly, may not even recognise the band members names. However, for those that have a love of sleazy rock n roll there will be some familiar faces here. Hell, on his own singer Danny Nordahl has played in two of the best punk/glam bands (NY Loose and The Throbs). If you throw in lead guitarist Marc Diamond, of the Dwarves, Ricky Vodka, from Humble Gods, and Chad Stewart from Faster Pussycat then many of you will be reaching for your leather jacket and bottle of Jack straight away!

The band kick things off in mean style with “I Don’t Ride B*TCH” which is an in your face opener. It’s has a Buckcherry feel but as if they’re covering a Motorhead song. It’s a style that also features on “Heads Are Gonna Roll” which is another dirty, hard rocking track, although “I Want Everything That’s Mine” adds a greater focus on the melody, giving it a sound reminiscent of Guns N Roses at their early best.

After the blasting few songs, it seems like the band then realise that there is a need for a bit of fun as well. As the title suggests, “She Likes Bad Boys” is a brilliant Glam metal (remember that!) stomper. However, that’s nothing compared to the awesome “Nothing On Me” which is like Kiss at the height of their powers…It’s a huge rock n roll song.

A special mention must also go to the slithering strut of “Make It Rain”. It’s a slow beast that just drips of sleaze and is surely a stripper’s tune in the making. Just to be clear, this is for a sunset strip stripper…not some sort of artistic burlesque act!!

The hard rocking songs keep coming with “Living Like A King” and “Caddajja Rise” which are straight up punk metal tunes. The band then take another brilliant swerve with “Fine Time” a number which shows that the band have probably been brought up with Rolling Stones songs. The band then neatly return to their glam, sleaze (peroxide?!!?) roots with the fast paced rocker “Love Me To Death” and the cowboy ballad of the last song “If U Leave Me Now”.

It’s very hard to find a decent rock band like this these days. A fact sadly demonstrated by the fact that the biggest is probably the pantomime pastiche offered by Steel Panther. However, despite this, every few years there are a couple of bands who manage to make a real go of it e.g. Buckcherry, Backyard Babies and the stalwart and legend that is Michael Monroe. We can only hope that Motochrist can join that group where the band members have certainly served their time and shown their dedication to rock n roll. Indeed, the timing may well be in their favour given that the likes of We Are Harlots are forcing even the mainstream rock press to acknowledge that there’s always a need for a bit of good old, party rock n roll.

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