Three Kings High “Hail”

Three Kings High “Hail”


Three Kings High are a hardworking UK band who have gigged heavily and released a number of singles and Eps. This does, however, represent their first full length release. One thing which is very clear is a desire to deliver a diverse sound which represents all their influences. It is certainly pretty rare to come across a band that has played at both punk nights and soul venues!

Opening song “Blood Is Blue” is one hell of a track to start the album, it has a dirty blues riff which is like a modern Doors song but accompanied by a funky rhythm and an almost rap sensibility. It’s one of the best intros to a band we have heard in a very long time. This use of a dirty riff alongside a real groove is then repeated on songs like “Banging My Drum” and “Sirens”. The other neat thing that the band do is blend both the male and female vocals to provide different shades in the same song, as shown on “Frienemy”.

“Swine” has a slightly more laid back feel and a swirling electronica style to accompany the vocals which are sung in an almost rap rhythm. They also hit a surprisingly mellow tone on “All The Best” which is the perfect accompaniment to a post surf, beer in the sun. The slower beat of this and “Excuses Excuses” add some good change of pace to the album.

There is more of an indie pop feel to “Off The Cuff” and “Haven’t Got A Whole Lot”. The last one of those in particular has a mid section that could be a big hit on the indie dance floors. On the supreme “Nothing Left To Lose” they manage to blend a feel good seventies sound and a funk rock tune which deserves to be a huge summer hit. Although it’s not alone in that sense, “Crow & The Dove” also has a Doors esque riff and mixes it with a funky rhythm to brilliant effect again.

It is pretty rare that we will hear a band that is totally new to us and just think ‘wow’ but that’s the impact that we had on the first listen to this release. The best thing we can say about this album is that the moment we finish this review, it is going straight back on again. It is destined to soundtrack many a summer BBQ over the next few months (weather permitting!!!).

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