The Damnwells “S/T”

The Damnwells “S/T”


Whilst The Damnwells are a new band to us, this is actually there fifth release. In fact the band have even had a documentary made about them in the past, “Golden Days”. It would appear, however, that this album is actually a reformation where they had previously quit, having become disenchanted with the music business and in particular the major label machine.

First song “Money & Shiny Things” is certainly a bright and shiny song to open up the album. It’s a tight pop song with an extra bit of kick. It’s followed by the huge commercial hit in the making “Kentexas” which is just tailor made for the radio. You will be hard pressed to find an album that has so many top pop songs, with a little sixties feel to them as is shown on “The Girl That’s Not In Love With You”.

The band add a little more grit on “Wreck You” which has a more ‘alternative’ feel and contrast nicely against the more laid back and sunny feel of “She Goes Down” and the almost country sound of “Heavy Hear”. Where the band really excel though, is with the crunchy power pop of songs like “Kill Me” and “Too Old To Die Young”, the latter of which adds an almost Jellyfish vibe and knowingly name checks The Beatles. The whole album then ends with the adult pop of “None Of These Things”. The final track’s a slower ballad which could easily bring the band Maroon 5 esque success.

It is interesting to realise that the band had given up music having been tired of the major label machine. We expect this may have been partly due to a difficulty fitting in with how a major label would want to market the band. There are a number of songs on this album which could see them competing in the charts with the likes of Maroon 5 or Train, hell, even The Vamps! However, they also have a more ‘alternative/indie’ feel about them. None of that should, of course, really matter. The only important fact is that you have an album full of great songs that are a joy to listen to and will brighten up your day.

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