Tad Overbaugh “Beauty & Barbed Wire”

Tad Overbaugh “Beauty & Barbed Wire”
This is the first solo album from the roots-rock/Americana singer-song writer Tad Overbaugh. The album features contributions from his former band mate in The Kickbacks, Shawn Byrne and somewhat unusually feature songs co-written with bestselling thriller novelist James Hankings. Less surprising is the fact that the album was recorded in Nashville and therefore there is no wonder it has a rock and country hybrid sound.

It was hearing a clip of opening song “Lethal Charm” which first introduced us to Tad Overbaugh. It’s an apt title as the song really does have a charm to it which is intoxicating. Essentially it’s a great pop rock song with a hint of country. It’s a similar style that is adopted on many other tracks on the album, including “End Of The Decade”. Whilst “Scars Along The Way” is firmly in Tom Petty territory with its gentle melody and infectious quality.

There are certainly some more pronounced modern country roots showing on “Done With This Town” which walks down the long road of drink and bad luck. Indeed, along with “Breakdown Lane”, these songs are likely to leave you crying over your whisky rather than dancing. That’s not to say it’s a downbeat album, far from it. This is perfectly exemplified by “Tip My Girl” which must be the sweetest song ever written about a stripper!

This album is a little further on the country side of the line then we would normally feature on http://www.thesoulofaclown.com. However, that line between country, Americana and rock is always a blurred one. The key here is that the whole album has a really great, natural charm about it. The songs have the ability to capture your mind and draw you in. In a world full of contrived acts, that will do for us.

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