Wonder Villains “Rocky”

Wonder Villains- Rocky
It’s great to hear Wonder Villains describe themselves as a party pop band because sometimes that’s just what you need to listen to. This is the debut album from the band and is released on Snow Patrol’s label (don’t let that put you off!!). They have gained a fair amount of radio exposure already having featured on radio 1, radio 2 and XFM with their great first single Zola.

The band come straight out of the traps with “TV” a great upbeat pop song. It’s like candy, very sweet and sugary but also with a punk intent in the chorus. “Blondie” is very similar but with a slightly cooler vibe to it. The vocal delivery and synthesisers actually gives it a sound reminiscent of Foster the People.

The Wonder Villains hit a bit of an early catchy peak with “Zola”, a song that is almost childlike given it’s simplicity. That’s not a criticism though, as it’s addictive and could easily be a dance floor hit. Whilst “33′ has a slightly more mature feel and is sparser sounding but with that punkier chorus again. “Fiction” takes this further on an almost minimalistic sound of keyboards and whispered vocals. It actually gives a bit of a breather from all the shiny pop.

They soon start to build the pop sound up again with “Link Later” and then on “Debbie” they produce a track that is a bit like The Go Team but with the benefit of added vocals. “Baby Don’t Look Sad” and “Marshall” sees them fully returning to their anthemic catchy pop. It’s a sound which is designed to stop anyone feeling sad and instead bring a grin to your face.

“Oh Peter” together with “TV” act as brilliant book ends for the album. This is instantly enjoyable and a smashing little song. Coincidentally it also has TV references but we’re guessing there a bit too ‘cool’ for this reviewer to get!

If you’re looking for a short, sharp dash of sunshine pop to cheer you up then this is the album for you. It is unrelentlessly cheery and upbeat but manages to keep the right side of twee (which is very important!) Whether it’s too ‘pop’ for the cool indie kids is always difficult to judge. Let’s certainly hope not, as the world needs more credible dance pop tunes.

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