The Moons “Mindwaves”

The Moons “Mindwaves”
We are introduced very easily into the album with “Luna Intro” which builds in to “Society” which has a kind of groovy, psychedelic sound that hints of The Stone Roses until it gets to a surprisingly upbeat chorus. “Vertigo is similar with its breathy vocals against the spiralling rhythm of the song.

There is a rumbling, spooky start to “Body Snatchers” which immediately has you thinking about Kasabian. It’s a mix of big seventies rock, even Glam, with an electronic shine. Whilst on “Fever” there is a real seventies rock feel, thanks to the drum beat, until it moves in to a relatively straight forward almost sixties sounding chorus. The band deliver a really stomping number with “Heart And Soul” that has got a great groove which will have you dancing and swaying along to it.
The Moons are capable of slowing things down, as demonstrated by “All In My Mind” and “Sometimes”. The second of these is the real ‘ballad’ of the album. It has a soft and gentle feel which will have you thinking of simpler times in days gone by. There is a hint of The Stranglers ‘No More Heroes’ to “You Can’t slow Me Down”, which is probably appropriate as the album has a very British feel to it.

The band pick up the pace again on “Times Not Forever” which is an upbeat song that has an indie pop feel to it, at least until it goes in to the mid song psychedelic melt down! The final track “Rage And Romance” sees a return to a sound that is similar to Kasabian but more if they focused on their glam influences rather than the Krautrock ones.
This is a really good album which manages to show it’s influences but still has a new and unique feel to it. It has a very British feel but not specific to a period of time as it has hints of the sixties, seventies and everything right up to the present date. There are some potential indie dance floor hits but they are still original enough to keep even the most cynical of music fans entertained. It’s an impressive release that many bands will find hard to beat.

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