The Pixies – “Indie Cindy” Album Review”

The Pixies – “Indie Cindy”
Well if ever an album was to come with a sense of anticipation, then it has to be this new album from The Pixies. It has certainly been a long time coming for Pixies’ fans, given their last full studio release was Trompe Le Monde way back in 1991! The fact that it also comes after the news that founding Bassist Kim Deal has left the band, has just added to the speculation and interest in this release. It is no wonder that this is being regarded as one of the biggest releases of 2014.

Right from the start, what is clear about this album is that it is no retro sounding release. “What Goes Boom” shows their sound is as relevant now as it ever was. This song could almost be a mixture of a Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age Song. “Greens And Blues” is a brilliant song with its perfect mix of alternative rock with a pop tune, that so many other bands fail to achieve. There is a similar feel on the chorus of “Indie Cindy”, but this time the verses are spat out with real venom.

The Pixies only really stumble on “Bagboy”, which sees them adding a more ‘modern’, almost urban feel to the song. It is the only time when they seem to be trying too hard to be contemporary, when really isn’t necessary. Away from this, the band also show they can take their foot off the pedal with songs such as “Magdalene 318”, which is a bruising and slower track. Whilst “Silver Snail” keeps the dark feel going on a song which, like the mentioned snail, slowly crawls along with a growing sense of doom. Whilst “Andro Queen” has a military style drum beat and is a great example of the type of slow, indie song that recent bands like Howler have tried so hard to match.

The band are back in to full on punk rock mode with “Blue Eyed Hexe”. It is a brute of a song, but still with a punching chorus. In total contrast, “Ring The Bell” sees them really showing their pop side on a song which is bright and breezy power pop. “Another Toe In The Ocean” is yet another huge pop/alternative rock song which will just have you jumping and dancing along to it. This one definitely has indie dance floor hit written all over it. The album then ends appropriately with “Jaime Bravo”, a crunching indie/alternative rock song with the necessary dash of melody and catchiness.

Any album released by a classic band like The Pixies, especially after such a long hiatus, is bound to be met with a sense of both excitement and trepidation. Thankfully, this album just shows that The Pixies are as relevant now as they ever were. Maybe this is just down to the huge number of bands that they have influenced. This has meant ‘their’ sound is just as recognisable now as it was before. It is also, perhaps, just a reminder that we will always need and love great, well written, melodic, alternative rock songs. Given the quality of this release, one of the hardest jobs for the Pixies now will be deciding which of these songs not to release as a single or add to their live set.

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