The Keefs – “Better Late Than Never” Album Review

The Keefs – “Better Late Than Never”
The Keefs are a Delaware band, who describe themselves pretty aptly as ‘Punk-n-Roll Hitmakers!’. They have a great sound which blends old-school punk and rootsy rock & roll with the melody and hooks of power pop and hints of glam rock sheen. When you see that their influences include classic acts through the sleaze rock ages from The Stones to the Ramones, to Hanoi Rocks, to Faster Pussycat and Social Distortion, then you know you are in for a treat.

It is always great when a band nails its flag to the mast, and on track one, “Compromise”, the band definitely do that. It’s a bright and feisty pop punk number. “Lemonade” keeps this feeling going but shows a bit of a glam influence in the chugging guitar line. By the chorus we are back in to punk pop territory.

The Glam rock influence comes even more to the fore with “Friends” which is a ridiculously catchy song. However, “Address Song” sees them taking the catchiness to another level. Somewhat annoyingly, it really reminds me of “You Cant Hurry Love” by Phil Collins, but please don’t let that put you off, it’s brilliant!

“(Somebody’s Gonna Get Their) Head Kicked In” sees The Keefs keen to show they are not just some light weight punk pop band. Although, to be honest, their menace is delivered with a Ramonsey kind of tongue in cheek feel. They deliver another full on punk rocker with “Keefs A Go” which shows they are prepared to rock out. “We’re OK” is similar and will have you thinking of snotty rock n rollers like D Generation and early Backyard Babies.

Speaking of sleazy rock n roll, “Talkin To A Wall” slows the beat right down to deliver a song which actually has a real sense of the great Hanoi Rocks. It’s sleaze rock but given more of a traditional rock n roll feel, it’s brilliant. Whilst, “My Crazy Is Crazier Than You” ends the album with an acoustic number you can only hope was recorded at a drunken end of a recording session. We’d hate to think The Keefs were getting all sentimental on us!

This is a really great, bratty and snotty punk rock n roll album. It’s that perfect cocktail of being dirty and sleazy but also pop and fun. It sounds like simple sleaze rock, but that’s actually hard to pull off and keep a sense of authenticity. Like great previous, similar bands such as Hanoi Rocks and D’ Generation, you get the feeling they are a genuine bunch of rock n rollers. It follows the punk rock tradition of being over almost before its begun, but you will soon be pressing play to hear it all once again.

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  1. Im dave , singer and guitar player from the Keefs . Thnx for a awesome review . You truly understand what we do .

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