Fake Shark – Real Zombie “Liar” EP Review

Fake Shark–Real Zombie “Liar”
It really seems impossible to start this review without making reference to the somewhat unusual name of the band; apparently it is influenced by Lucio Fulci’s film, Zombie 2. You might be none the wiser hearing that, but it is a good indication of the diversity of the band’s sound. Likewise, the fact that they have toured with bands such as Klaxons, Hot Hot Heat, Birthday Massacre and Enter Shikari shows not only their potential, but again the fact that they are hard to place in any one genre.
The EP opens up with “Paint It Gold” which is a great cacophony of sounds and noises. It’s very hard to pigeon hole the sound, other than to say it seems very ‘now’, with its blend of dance, rap and rock. A few years ago this would have been immediately placed on the soundtrack for a Skins episode. “Yes Yes No No” sees them picking up the beat and it comes across like a great young, more dance influenced band. Under all the youthful vibrancy, there is still an understanding of the need to keep a melody in the song.

The changes continue with “Soon To Be Strangers” which adds an almost a funk rock feel to it, which may see older readers recall bands like Faith No More. It’s a great amalgamation of funk and rock.
The rebellion steps up with “After Skool Special” which is not a song for those offended by some bad language. You can guarantee the teenagers it is probably aimed at, will love annoying their parents with it..and why not, we did that with the Beastie Boys!! “F**k Kevvy” takes this even further with its real gangsta rap style. No idea if it’s East Coast or West Coast, but the kids are gonna love it!!
Fake Shark –Real Zombie’s EP is as mixed up and messed up as their name. Despite that, it has a sense of youthful determination and anger which is sure to attract a lot of young fans. It has a cutting edge feel that is bound to be picked up by the hippest of teenagers. It will also have many a parent shouting for it to be turned off…..which is always a good sign!

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