Danny B Harvey & Mysti Moon album review

Danny B Harvey & Mysti Moon – “S/T”

It is fair to say that Danny B Harvey is something of a rockabilly legend. He has played with many of the greats, including Wanda Jackson, as well as more recently being a member of the band Headcats. This album sees him joining up with Mysti Moon to produce an album which brings some charisma and sexuality to the blues and folk-country sound.

The country rockabilly sound of many of the songs is there straight away with “Straight To Hell”. It is a simple and effective song and a good introduction to Danny’s guitar skills and gives just a hint of Mysti’s vocals. It is just one of a number of straight up, top quality rock n roll songs on the album, this includes “I’m Wild About That Thing” and “That’s It, That’s all”.

We get to hear more of Mysti’s vocal skills on the cover of the classic track, “Black Betty”, a song which it is impossible not to sing along to . It is on the delta blues of “When The Levee Breaks” that her vocals really shine. Her voice is as smooth and sweet as honey. On “Send Me To The Electric Chair”, she delivers the tale of a hard done woman who has killed her man in a crime of passion. It is hard to believe that the judge in the song will be able to resist her seductive charms. Even on a song like “House Of The Rising Sun”, which has been sung a million times before, it is the beautiful voice which really makes this version work.


The great thing about this album, however, is the way that both of the artists just blend so well together. On “St Jane Infirmary”, Danny takes the lead on a down and dirty blues song. It is a track that just slithers and slides along like a giant, hungry snake. “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” is also similar in style. In comparison to the other songs on the album it has a much darker and more sinister tone.

When an album features Danny B Harvey, you kind of know what to expect, a high quality, authentic rockabilly sound, delivered with passion. Having not come across Mysti Moon before, it is a really nice experience the way she adds a different feel to the album. It also really works mixing up the vocals, although it would also have been nice to hear some actual full duets. We can only hope that there is yet more material to come from this collaboration.

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