Maibell And The Misfires “Destiny’ Review

Maibell And The Misfires – “Destiny”

Maibell & The Misfires are a rockabilly band from Finland who formed in late 2008. They released their first album “Ride Along!” in 2010. Having now built up a following amongst the rockabilly scene, they have now followed this up with Destiny.

First song “Keep Movin'” is a great introduction to the band as it’s a straight up rockabilly song but what really strikes is the distinction between the sparse band sound and the warmth of Maibell’s vocals. “Killing Love” and ” Stay By My Side” both have a similar simple rockabilly sound to them. On the latter there is a really cool retro feel to the sound with the brushed drums type effect and the classic guitar sound.
Like many rockabilly bands that sense of a bit of country influence is never that far away. The title track “Destiny” adds an almost Western feel to the sound and could easily accompany a vintage western movie. Likewise, “Highs & Lows” has a similar western guitar type feel. This is not in a country and western line dancing style but more a Johnny Cash countrified folk sound.

Alongside the more traditional rockabilly songs there are a couple of tracks which provide a slight change in emphasis. “Only You” actually opens up like a slow ballad but soon gets that bass strumming to pick up the pace to a more familiar territory. Then on “Losing You”, they produce a great fifties ballad sounding song, this has a real slow dance at the American prom sound to it. Once again, it is the vocals of Maibell that really shine through in the song.

This is a CD of quality rock ‘n’ roll songs. As a band, they keep it simple, which is no bad thing. It certainly allows the vocals to shine and it is no wonder that it is Maibells’ name in the band. It would have been nice to perhaps see a bit more variety on the album and maybe some extra passion in the songs. However, for those that like a classic rockabilly sound then this will certainly be right up their street.

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