Rich Ragany & The Digressions “What We Do (To Not Let Go)”

Rich Ragany & The Digressions “What We Do (To Not Let Go)”

Anybody who has read any of our reviews of Rich Ragany’s previous output will know that we are already fully signed up members of his fan club. How he finds the energy to constantly keep delivering so much great music is a mystery to us. Of course, that does always leave the question of can he really keep that up…

Any concerns on that front are immediately dispelled by the opening song “What We Do (To Not Let Go)” which is the classic punky power pop that you’d expect from Rich and the band. Together with tracks like “Forever Ghosts” these are great examples of how to deliver songs that are big on melody, catchy as hell but also with a bit of a ‘punch’ to keep things interesting. When you hear the majestic pop rock of songs like “You’re My Way Back Home” and “How Much Of Me Is You” you wonder why these songs haven’t been picked up by a film company or even a ‘major’ pop star to bring Rich the millions of £ he probably deserves! Indeed, “One More For Train” just needs getting used on a soundtrack for a teen romance to see it become a worldwide hit.

Over the last few years there has been a sense of more maturity in some of the song writing on display. We appreciate that might be seen as a ‘dirty word’ in the rock n roll world. But we don’t see it as being an issue when it leads to cleverly crafted songs like “Til I’m On My Feet Again” and “The End Of All Things”. Indeed, it is part of the reason you’ve started seeing references to the likes of Westerberg in reviews. Importantly, the band also seem pretty intent on not resting on their laurels and continuing to progress the sound. “Highgate Sun” and “Shade of Shameless” both start with an almost country feel but develop into sweet little numbers that are just a joy to listen to.

When this album really hits the mark though is on those songs where they manage to perfectly balance a feeling of sensitivity with an upbeat rocking sound. That’s clearly evident on the excellent “One Last Thing To Prove” and “Gravity”. Although, having said that we are also real suckers for the perfect pop rock of “Pretty Breeze”, a song that Ginger Wildheart would be pleased to write in his most pop moments.

So once again, Rich Ragany and The Digressions have yet another ‘potential hit record’ on their hands. There’s so much to enjoy in this album, there’s a real knack to creating such carefully crafted songs but delivering them in way that has a good time, easy going feel. The band are due to tour to support the album so you have the perfect opportunity to help them, by getting tickets to the show (which will inevitably be awesome) and also buying this album.. we would urge you to do so as you certainly won’t regret it.


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