The Skinner Brothers “Lonedon”

The Skinner Brothers “Lonedon”

Opening track “Loaded Gun” hits you smack in the face from the off. It’s the perfect mix of early Jamie T delivered with the swaggering rock of Kasabian. That track alone should be enough to get you out buying this EP. Although anyone who is missing the arrogant swagger of Kasabian will also love “Lonedon”. An anthemic track that sounds like it should be part of a festival headlining set.

The beat and angst is then toned down slightly for “Make It Count” a song that feels like it’s release is a bit late, as it has a hazy summers evening in the pub feel to it. There’s an air of arrogance to The Skinner Brothers sound… something that we love. It perhaps then shouldn’t come as surprise that final track “Mellow” suggests the band spent their youth listening to Oasis (and there was no band better at delivering spiteful but melodic tracks in their youth).

This is a must listen to EP and one that will have you searching out previous releases by The Skinner Brothers. It also has us hungry to see the band live. You get the sense there may only be a limited time to see them in sweaty small venues before they become huge.


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