The Legendary Swagger “Gypsies, Junkies and Thieves”

The Legendary Swagger “Gypsies, Junkies and Thieves”

When the press release for this album references rawk and roll, punk, garage and hooks it sounds like a release that is just begging to be reviewed by Hell, even the ‘misspelling’ of ‘rawk’ means we’re pretty sure we’re going to love the album. As does the title “Gypsies, Junkies and Thieves”, given that those characters feature so heavily in songs we love.

As regular readers will know, we love albums that start off with a kick rather than a slow intro and that’s certainly the case with “One and Done” which is a big ‘traditional’ rock song. This track together with the likes of “City” and “Burn It Down” feel like a welcome return to great old school rock. They’re straight up songs that are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going.

However, you’d be doing the legendary Swaggers a disservice just to tag them as ‘classic rock’. There are some absolute gems on this album, including “She” which adds a bit of a pop melody into their sound and results in a track that really should be a huge hit. Whilst “Convicted” adds the swagger that we associate with a band like The Hives or Royal Republic.

There’s also a bit of an alternative edge to the band, which on tracks like “I’m On The Outside” has us thinking of the UK band the Wildhearts, at their most melodic. There’s just a bit of an edge to the songs that raise them above the standard fare. Sadly “Beautiful Disaster” is not a cover of the awesome song by Cheap and Nasty, but fans of that style of gutter rock will certainly enjoy this song and the likes of “Circles” and “Gone”.

It’s just a joy to listen to an album that is full of adrenaline-fueled rock songs. They may not be out to change the world but what The Legendary Swagger will do with this album is make your life a bit better…exactly what we want from our rock n roll!


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