Steve Conte “Bronx Cheer”

Steve Conte “Bronx Cheer”

To those in the know, Steve Conte is something of a music legend due to his own work and the various bands he has contributed to. To put this in context, amongst others, he has worked with Mink Deville, Michael Monroe and the New York Dolls. That’s three of the finest music acts that have ever existed.

Whilst Steve may be considered a rock n roll veteran, it’s blatantly obvious from opening tracks “The Human Animal” and “Liar Like You” that this is a fresh and vibrant album with no hint of nostalgia. He’s certainly not resting on his laurels and these tracks are adrenalin filled punk rockers. They’re full of the sense of passion and fire you’d really expect from a brand new artist with plenty of anger to share.

But this album is also a hell of a lot of fun as demonstrated by “Recovery Doll” which, as you’d imagine, has a nod to the sleazy rock n roll of The New York Dolls but also adds a doo-wop vibe as well. “Dogs Days Of Summer” and “Overnight Smash” are fantastic, pure pop/rock numbers that recalls Paul Westerberg at his best, with great guitar lines and big melodies. Steve also dips into a Springsteen esque vibe on the quite brilliant “Wildwood Moon”, and he steps off the pedal briefly on the beautiful and charming acoustic number “Flying”.

For old school rockers like us, the album hits a pinnacle with the wonderful “Those Sexy Lies” a song that sounds like the best Aerosmith song not written by them (in fact we even had to double check this wasn’t a cover!). But let’s also be clear, we’re talking about Aerosmith at their debauched best. It’s a song that could comfortably sit on Rocks, Toys in The Attic or Permanent Vacation. “My Degeneration” is a classic rocker that will have you singing along and grabbing your air guitar (when has a song last really made you do that?!?). Final track “Gimme Gimme Rockaway”, is what this album is all about… having a great time with timeless music that makes you feel good. It may have arrived late in the year, but this release will surely feature on many people’s best of 2021 lists. It’s one of the best rock albums we’ve heard in many years let alone just this one. Definitely an essential purchase.

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