Craggy Collyde “Wrapped Up In Ribbons”

Craggy Collyde “Wrapped Up In Ribbons”

There are probably not many British/Slovak rock and roll bands around but Craggy Collyde have been around since 2018. They offer up a sound that ranges from alternative rock ‘n’ roll to indie folk. They’re also inspired by some of our favourite bands eg The Replacements and The Wildhearts.

Opening song “Dead Refrain” is a great little punk n roller which certainly has a dash of both the above mentioned bands. Whilst “Roll Me” adds in a bit of almost rockabilly rock n roll into the mix. It’s great to hear a song which is just pure rock n roll but also sounds fresh and exciting.

All of that is really just building you up for the pure joy of “Don’t Put Me Down”, a brilliant pop/rock track. Indeed, together with “Better Than A Lie”, these are the kind of songs with a big pop hook that Mr Westerberg has been nailing for years. They’re also the kind of tunes that you just wished would get heard on the radio and propel Craggy Collyde into the attention of the mainstream media. The EP then starts to wind down to an end with the indie pop of “Wrapped Up In Ribbons” which is a bar room lament that will get you swaying.

This is a really smashing set of songs that suggest Craggy Collyde, with the right push and backing, could really be on to something. There’s a sense of authenticity to their sound which is really appealing. This might be your chance to say that you’ve been into Craggy Collyde since they began, so make sure you get this now.

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