FRND CRCL “Internet Noise”

FRND CRCL “Internet Noise”

FRND CRCL formed in 2018 and despite their very ‘now’ name, actually promise a sound that echoes the early 2000s heyday of pop-punk. They have combined each members’ unique musical background to create a fresh take on the genre.

It has to be said that the first band name that sprung to our mind when we heard opening track “Somethin’ About You” was Busted! Now, unlike 90% of reviewers, that isn’t meant to be a criticism but is in fact a really good thing. There should be no shame in the fact that tracks like “Loose Cannon” and “Famous” see the emphasis being on the POP in pop-punk. They’re really great songs!

FRND CRCL have really nailed that pop punk sound from back in the day. Fans of bands such as Sum 41 and Blink 182 will absolutely adore “Deception” and “One Last Dance”. Indeed, it’s almost not possible to think of the Offspring when you hear the cheeky rap style on “The Waiting Game”.

It’s kind of weird how ‘retro’ this album sounds given it doesn’t seem that along ago that pop punk was dominating music channels. This is an album that will have many people reaching for their baseball caps and skateboards. That’s no bad thing, because amongst all the current misery it’s great to have some songs that bring memories of good times and long summer evenings.

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