Tami Nielson “Chickaboom!”

Tami Nielson “Chickaboom!”

A few years ago there was a glut of female singers taking their cue from the old rockabilly/blues sound but adding some modern fighting spirit. We’re talking acts like Amy Winehouse, Lydia Loveless, Gin Wigmore and our personal favourite Imelda May. Tami Nielson probably fits nicely in that group and has been around since the same time, but “Chickaboom” (what a title!) is the first thing we’ve heard from her.

Opener “Call Your Mama” is everything that we hoped this album would be. It’s a slower paced rockabilly track which is full of sass and swing. A glorious opening to the album. It’s followed by the more straightforward country rock n roll sound of “Hey Bus Driver” and the dirty Blues of “Ten Tonne Truck”. Songs that make you feel like drinking whisky.

The songs which really get us moving though are those with a real rockabilly flavour. A particular highlight is “Tell Me You Love Me” which follows the Elvis style of keeping it simple and getting you swinging those hips. Likewise “Sister Mavis” is pure Imelda with the vocals somehow being both raucous and purring.

Those pacey numbers are then balanced by the dark blues of “You Were Mine” which is a Bond theme song in the waiting. Speaking of Bond, “16 Miles Of Chains” sounds like Shirley Bassey if she’d grown up on the dusty plains of the mid-west.

Ever since Imelda May seemed to abandon her rockabilly roots in favour of a more ‘mainstream’ style we’ve been desperately seeking someone to replace her in our hearts. Whilst unfair to make comparisons, Tami has stepped forward as an act that could certainly fill that gap. The beauty of this is not only do we get this great album but also a discography of other albums to check out. Something we’re sure you’ll also be doing as soon as you’ve finished listening to this,

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