The Warhawks “Stardust Disco”

The Warhawks “Stardust Disco”

The Warhawks are a dynamic, blue-collared indie rock outfit from Gloucester City, NJ. We loved their album “Never Felt So Good”, so were delighted to see this release drop in our inbox.

First song “Deliver” may initially make you feel that you’re going to get a testosterone filled record of hard rock, albeit with an alternative rock type swagger. However, this mini album offers up that and a hell of a lot more. There’s a bit more of an indie swing to “I Can’t Wait”, a song which seems built for summer festivals and radio play, a hit in the waiting surely.

There’s even a hint of the ’disco’ suggested by the album’s title in “Dire”. It’s a catchy as hell tune which, with a bit of airplay, could easily see The Warhawks really hitting the big time. Things then switch again with the moodier “Hang Around”. That track has a more electronic feel and has the kind of eighties sound that the 1975s have used so well. The album then comes to an end all to soon with “Don’t Give Up Your Heart”. But what a magnificent finale it is. We get the disco beat again with a track that will surely light up indie discos and festivals across the country.

Maybe we’re just desperate to escape the miserable wet winter, but this album really does have us craving the long days of summer festivals. This is definitely an album that could soundtrack those early evening beers. Let’s hope and pray that this album generates enough interest to drag the guys over to the UK.

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