Bandaid Brigade “I’m Separate”

Bandaid Brigade “I’m Separate”

It’s not that often we get a bio from a band referencing Elton John, Genesis, Springsteen and ABBA as key influences. Let alone one where they go on to admit they have a New Romantic influenced pop sound. But, given we’re partial to a bit of cheesy eighties rock, it certainly caught our attention!

First a word of warning, it takes a few seconds for opener “Everything” to kick in so don’t keep checking if your iPod or phone is working! It’s worth the wait though as it’s a delightful slice of pure power pop. It’s then superseded by the brilliant “Travel Light” a track which will see you floating along the street with a smile on your face. Then in “Attila” you have a song which could be a massive radio hit, especially if it was done by an ironically cool band like the 1975s.

There’s no denying that songs like “Treat Me Like A Christmas Tree” (what a title!) and “Holding Steady” have a kind of 80’s yacht rock vibe and yes, let’s be honest, they’re kind of cheesy but they’re still great. When listening to this album you have to put your cynicism aside. But if you have ever spent any time in a ‘guilty pleasures’ disco you won’t be able to resist dancing along to the sparkly, synth driven rock of “Break The Grid”. The album then ends with the chaotic “Nothing”, a song which contains a lot of nothing (silence) and some mad craziness!

It’s kind of hard to know how to take Bandaid Brigade – is any of it serious? But to be honest, who cares. There are enough songs on this album to bring a sense of fun and happiness into your life. Ironically, it would probably gather more success and coverage if it was a rediscovered 80’s classic. But, for us, there are enough songs on here to get us up and dancing so it’s a hit as far as we’re concerned.

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