More Kicks “S/T”

More Kicks “S/T”

More Kicks Bandcamp site gives one of the best succinct description of a band that we’ve seen. As ‘pitches’ go this is pretty perfect:

“More Kicks is a pop explosion that will hit you in the stomach and make your heart beat faster”

After an intro to build the tension, the band certainly kick things off in fine style with the rocking power pop of “What A Mess You Make”. Tracks like “I’m On The Brink” and “It’s A Drag” show that this is a band intent on delivering good time rock songs with big melodies.

However, there is an extra dimension that make the More Kicks stand out against many of their punk pop contemporaries. Songs like “You Left A Stain On Me” and “Rock N Roll Again” have more of a power pop sound to them. Whilst “She’s A Reaction”, with its swirling organ sound, could easily have been a big hit during the glory days of Brit Pop

They’re also not afraid to taking influences from further afield. “Ain’t That Just The Way” and “Blame It On The Satellite” has us thinking of a British version of Cheap Trick. Whilst the more indie punk/pop or garage sound of “What You Thinking” and “Young Enough” will be lapped up by fans of bands like Redd Kross.

It’s great to have a young band delivering an album that’s not just energetic, but is also a clever slice of punk and pop (something very different to the American version of punkpop!). The fact that they’re based in London makes it even more special and indeed rare. Definitely a band that we will be keeping our eye out for, especially for the chance to see them at a gig.

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