Extra Arms “Up From Here”

Extra Arms “Up From Here”

We’ve been fans of Ryan Allen, the main man behind Extra Arms, for quite a few years now. During that time he’s developed from being a solo artist to the creation of this band. Although during all that time, the focus has always remained on high quality power pop flavoured rock songs.

Opening track “F.L.Y” with it’s fuck last year call is a good indicator that the Extra Arms want to hit you in the face with this album. It’s a great little rocker and shows the band flexing their muscles with a bigger and louder sound. However, that doesn’t mean they are forsaking the melody. Tracks like “Secret Friend” and “Comes In Waves” demonstrate there’s more of a rock radio feel to many of the songs on this release.

Indeed, we are on to more of a pop punk feel on numbers like “Disruptor” and the quite brilliant “Hold Me (All The Time)”. But don’t go confusing this with the likes of Sum 41 and Blink 182. This is more like great power pop songs being blasted out with punk attitude. There’s a greater maturity to songs like “Space Jam” and title track “Up From Here” which reminds us of the master of pop rock Mr Butch Walker.

This is an album that fans of Mr Allen will undoubtedly love. But hopefully it will reach beyond the existing fan base. If you love great power pop songs, played with passion and spirit, then this is an essential purchase.

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