WIVES “So Removed”

WIVES “So Removed”

WIVES hail from Queens in New York and they have a sound that apparently pulses with urgency. Even more appealing is the way their songs are described as having a melodic-meets-punk feel but not without the odd hook.

First song “Waving Past Nirvana” is an absolutely glorious opening number. It has a brooding but so seductive feel to it. Together with “Servants”, these songs just kind of prowl, indeed they paint the picture in our head of Iggy Pop, in his prime, crawling across the stage.

What WIVES also have is a brilliant knack for creating Indie rock songs that keep a sense of menace but are still hugely appealing. Classic examples of this are the tracks “The 20 Teens” and “Hit Me Up”. Songs that are surely destined to soar across crowds at Indie discos and festivals.

There’s an almost inevitable Velvet Underground feel to the band on songs like “Why Is Life” but that’s mixed with the indie pop sensibilities of bands like Pavement and the Pixies on “Sold Out Seatz” . Whilst things turn ever darker on the claustrophobic sound of “Even The Dead” and “Workin’”. That’s before they turn things around again with the catchier, throw away indie rock of “Hideaway”.

This album just sounds like the product of a ‘proper’ indie rock band. Just look at the names we’ve reference in the review, they’re bands that have nailed a time and a sound. There haven’t been many bands in recent years who have been prepared to take on the mantle of leading the Indie Rock scene. The 1975s are probably the most recent but perhaps The Strokes are a better reference for the Wives. One thing we are certain about is that we need more indie rock like this in the world.

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