Cheap Gunslingers “S/T”

Cheap Gunslingers “S/T”

Sometimes you just see a band name and kinda get a hunch what they sound like and know that you’re gonna love them. Well, at least that’s what we thought when the album from Cheap Gunslingers landed in our inbox. That was even before we read that they were like a foot to the floor Thunders meets Ramones rock n roll band!

This album opens up with the gloriously debauched sound of “Record Store” a track that recalls the dirty rock n roll of bands gone by like The New York Dolls. Songs like “Good Time” and “Junky Friends” walk that fantastic tightrope of being trashy and throwaway but as catchy as hell.

There’s a sense of The Ramones dirty New York punk on the snotty “Defective”. Whilst “Three Chords” suggests they also share that band’s passion for keeping things simple…. And why not, if it results in great rock n roll tracks like that. Songs like “Run Girl” really do revert back to the early days of rock n roll when music was meant to be good fun.

They hit a real high with “Please Kill Me”, a song that could be the Stones at their sleazy best. After the strut of that song you get other tracks like “Water Table Line” and “Bars Of The Song” which are like long lost Thunders ballads.

Let’s face it if the image of low-slung guitarists like Richards, Thunders and McCoy appeal to you than you are going to love this album To be honest, it’s probably absolutely out of pace with the current music scene … but that’s what makes it so glorious. This isn’t an album for introspective music aficionados. This is music for people who love the kind of dirty rock n roll that should come with a health warning!

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