Baby Scream “Things You Can Say To A Stranger”

Baby Scream “Things You Can Say To A Stranger”

Baby Scream had shamefully fallen off our radar recently. That’s a damn pity as we’d always enjoyed their power pop sound. Thankfully, a link to a Wilco cover they’d done led to us finding out they had just released this EP.

That Wilco reference actually proves quite relevant when you hear first two tracks “Aching Life” and in particular “Fake It Till You Make It”. They have the same wistful, pop flavoured melody that Wilco are also so great at producing. They feel like a warm summers breeze and allow you to float along on their melodies.

Indeed, there is a far more laid back sound to the songs on this album. Perhaps inevitable there is an almost Lennon esque quality to the chorus of “Live While You Can”. Power pop fans will still be kept happy with the lush tones of “Roundabouts” and there’s a spikier feel to EP closer “Somebody Kill Me Now”.

EPs are always great for getting music out to fans quickly. But the good ones, like this, tend to leave us wanting a full album of songs. We’ll certainly be keeping our eye out for Baby Scream’s next release. In the meantime, this is a bunch of songs that will be perfect for daydreaming in the summer sun.

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