Aree And The Pure Heart “Never Gonna Die”

Aree And The Pure Heart “Never Gonna Die”

Aree And The Pure Heart’s debut EP “Heartstrings” was a great slice of Americana flavoured rock. But that was back in 2015, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up. Thankfully it’s here with “Never Gonna Die” which promises nine “heartfelt, explosive rock n roll, soul infused punk rock anthems”.

From the moment you hear the opening of “Fifty Dollar Bottle Of Wine” the spirit of Springsteen is very clear an apparent on this album. Songs like that and “Crash Into The Sun” are great, blue collar rock songs. Full of passion, strong melodies and storytelling/real life lyrics.

Aree And The Pure Hearts are also like The Gaslight Anthem, in the respect that they aren’t afraid to add a touch of punk spike to their sound. That’s most obvious on tracks like “Under A Streetlight” `and “Gasoline Heart” which appear designed for playing loud and fast at a gig.

That doesn’t mean the band are afraid of throwing some diversity into their sound. Indeed, there’s a really nice balance to this album. They show a lighter side with “Black Cats” but then swing to the intense and captivating ballad “The Feeling I Get”.

Really though, they’re all about delivering rock songs. “Work For Your Love” adds a bit of Memphis soul in to the sound and results in a song which Lucero would be proud of. Then the title song “Never Gonna Die” rounds everything off with a brilliant blast of good time rock n roll.

Aree and The Pure Heats are really just pushing at an open door for us with this release. Just look at the bands referenced, Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem and Lucero – a group of acts who have released some of the best American rock n roll over the last few decades. That’s pretty decent company to be in and Aree and The Pure Heart sit comfortably alongside them.

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