Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “CollectiV”

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “CollectiV”

Jim Jones must be one of the hardest working men in rock n roll. Surely, no one has done more to keep rock n roll alive in the UK over recent years. Over that time, he’s been supported by various musicians but, given the strength of their previous release, we’re delighted to see another album with The Righteous Mind.

Kicking off with “Sex Robot”, it’s clear that this is going to be a mighty fine release. Jim has certainly mastered the ability of delivering raunchy rock n roll. Tracks like “Attack Of The Killer Brainz” and “I Found A Love” just confirm he is the rightful king of debauchery.

Whilst the sound may derive from the ‘innocence’ of fifties rock n roll, there’s a far darker side to this music. There’s a sense of danger and menace to songs like “O Genie” and “Meth Church” which inevitably have us thinking of Nick Cave.

The other thing that is always apparent on a Jim Jones release is a sense of style and showmanship. “Satan’s Got His Heart Set On You” has the kind of New Orleans macabre sound that we would associate with The Urban Voodoo Machine. Whilst both “Dark Secrets” and “Going There Anyway” are just epic songs which seem like the soundtrack to the saddest part in a movie that you’ve ever seen. They provide a respite amongst the ferocious tracks, but are certainly no less intense. The album then wraps up with possibly our favourite song, “Shazam”. It’s a full blooded rock n roll song which will leave you totally fired up.

We’re pretty sure that when we reviewed his last album we said that it was our favourite record he had released. Well, he has now surpassed that with this release. Clearly there is a ‘Jim Jones’ sound and this record doesn’t really divert from that. But, instead, it just takes the quality and consistency of that sound a step further. If you’ve yet to check out any of his releases this is the perfect one to start with.

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