Money For Rope “Picture Us”

Money For Rope “Picture Us”

There seems to be a bit of a boom in the Australian music world at the moment, with a host of great new bands around. Money For Rope are the latest and with this release they promise hedonistic anthems meld with garage-surf freak-outs and sardonic indie-rock that never takes itself too seriously. That all sounds pretty cool to us.

Opening song “Actually” initially leaves you feeling that you’re dealing with a fairly straight forward indie rock band which could easily appeal to any fans missing the glory days of the British indie scene. Songs like “Stretched My Neck” are really strong indie rock anthems that would appeal to fans of the likes of Kasabian.

However, listen carefully and you will see that Money For Rope are actually offering up far more than that. It starts when you here the focus on the organ on “O’Chelles”. That sound alone has us thinking of Ray Manzarek and The Doors, it’s a really brilliant song. The psychedelic feel continues with the likes of “Remember My Name”. Now, we never really rated the Stone Roses, which we know is blasphemous to some! But those songs together with “Picture Like Us” sound like what we think they were actually aiming for. Maybe Money For Rope could instigate another summer of love…now that would be cool!

There’s definitely an undeniable ‘coolness’ to this album. There’s the carnival feel of “Trashtown” and then the funky rock of “Look”, which will have you floating along on a high with it. The key to all of this though, is that this doesn’t come across as a band trying too hard. There’s not an arrogance with the songs but just a sense of a band that’s delivering great music. It’s the sound of a band that seems to have soaked up the sun and waves and delivered a bit of the ‘cool life’ for us all to vicariously enjoy via their songs.

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