Pale Lips “After Dark”

Pale Lips “After Dark”

We’re not sure we need to write a review for this album. The fact that Pale Lips music is described as “Drippy mascara slopped rock n roll with sprinkles” should be enough for you to know that we’re going to love them. If you also add in that they are influenced by Nikki Corvette, the Sonics, and 50’s rock n roll such as Chuck Berry then you should already be on your way to buy this album.

It’s significant that the opening track on this release is called “Some Sort Of Rock n Roll”. As that song and others like “Hanky Panky Franky” and the Ramones ‘lite’ sound of “The Kids” demonstrate, Pale Lips actually deliver some really cool rock n roll. They’re songs which manage to deliver the simple energy and fun of rock n roll but make them still seem fresh and relevant in today’s world. You’ll really struggle to find a song that’s as catchy as the bubble-gum rock n roll of “You’re A Doll”

As with all good rock n roll there’s also a sense of raunchiness to many of these tracks. It’s apparent with the Cramps esque feel to the wonderful “I’m A Witch” or the tongue in cheek sleaze of “All My Baby Brought Me Back Was The Blues”. On the opposite side to that, we also love the way they bring in a girl group/Spector influence on songs like “That Old Ghost Don’t Lie”, “Show Me Another Way To Your Heart” and “Doo-wop Showaddywaddy”. These songs certainly get you moving, although you could say the same about all 12 songs on this album.

Weirdly, it seems a bit unfair to refer to this release as ‘just’ a great rock n roll album. But that’s what it is. It kind of reminds us of the brilliant Those Darlins, another band who were able to strip things down to just great expressions of joy and passion. They say that rock n roll will never die and this album is proof of that.

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