Table Scraps “Autonomy”

Table Scraps “Autonomy”

Let’s face it, there’s hardly an abundance of great garage rock bands in the UK at the moment. So, we were delighted to learn that not only are Table Scraps a UK band but they’re based not too far away from us in Birmingham. It’s also encouraging to see that they are receiving some support from current indie/punk darlings Idles and getting some exposure via BBC 6 Music.

We instantly loved this album the moment we heard opener “Sick Of Me”, it’s a great garage rock track with a cool retro feel to it. That love just grows as the momentum builds with “Always Right” and “I’m A Failure”, they’re scrappy rock n roll tracks that are designed for being thrashed out in trashy clubs.

The album hits an early high point with the brilliant “Takin’ Out The Trash” a song that gloriously combines a seventies glam rock sound with a darker Stooges esque tone. It’s a glorious combination. There’s certainly an element of dark garage rock to many of the tracks on this album. Songs like “Lyin’ Thru Yer Teeth” and “Treat Me Like Sh*t” have the underground rock sound that The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club promised on their early releases.

This album is full of highlights though, including the awesome opening drums that lead to the haunting and mesmerising sound of “My Obsession”. Whilst, as the title hints, “Frankenstein” recalls the sleazy garage rock of The Cramps. This album just doesn’t miss a beat and is rounded off with the pure rock n roll of “Do It All Over Again”.

This is a great, dirty, rock album. It’s miles away from the sterilised sound that so often gets passed off as Indie rock n roll these days. The only relatively recent band we recall that have nailed this sound is The Richmond Sluts. Instead, Table Scraps recall the greasy rock n roll of bands like The Stooges and The Cramps.. We can already comfortably predict that Table Scraps are certainly going to be up there as one of our finds of 2019.

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