Spielbergs “This Is Not The End”

Spielbergs “This Is Not The End”

This is the debut release by Spielbergs and comes off the back of their previous EP, attracting a lot of attention and praise. The pressure was therefore on this trio from Oslo to deliver the goods with this album.

From the off you sense that Spielbergs could be set for big things. First song “Five On It” is a powerful, grungy rocker with just the right touch of melody. Tracks like “You All Look Like Giants” and “4 AM” could easily attract radio play on the more adventurous ‘alternative’ radio stations. Although, taking that further, “Distant Star” is an absolute corker of a song with a hook that’s big enough to take the band to the mainstream and make them massive.

Whilst firmly in the ‘rock’ arena, there’s actually an impressive level of diversity on this album. Tracks like “Not For Long” have a grungy sound which could appeal to fans of the likes of Pavement or Husker Du. Whilst there is more of a punk n roll feel to “We Are All Going to Die” which will meet the expectations of lovers of The Restorations or even The Gaslight Anthem.

There’s even a more tender or at least pensive sound to “Familiar” and “Sleeper”. Whilst “McDonalds (Please Don’t F**K Up My Order)” is a spiralling ‘mess’ that Wilco would be proud of! These numbers help to give the album a greater sense of depth and maturity when compared to many punk/pop albums.

This is a really strong release by a band you can’t help but feel could be going places. It delivers bold and brave rock songs. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Spielbergs show a sense of adventure and ambition in their sound. Definitely an album to get and a band to watch with interest.

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